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What I Offer

I offer counselling to adults on an individual basis.


The time frame can be short or long term, depending on what you want and need. We can talk about this when we meet.


Some people want to explore a particularly pressing issue in their lives and aim to achieve this within a shorter time frame, while others may prefer a long term counselling relationship.   


Either way, I offer sessions of 50 minutes in length, at the same time each week, and in the same location. This consistency is an important part of the therapeutic progress.


A counselling agreement will be set up between the client and I, highlighting all of the relevant information.


“You can view a copy of the counselling agreement that I like to use here





Individual Session                                       

(50 minutes): £60









Shop Around


I would also like to encourage you to meet with one or two other counsellors or therapists as well. You can compare styles and approaches, and most importantly, notice how you feel when you are with each counsellor.


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